Frequently asked questions

What kind of documents can I report?

We help people find their missing ID, Passsport, Certificate, Title Deed or Driving Licence.

I found a document that someone lost. What do I do with it?

Keep hold of the document and report it on the LostFounds app (You can download the app here). You will be asked to sign up with an account. This is a quick process and it is so that we can send your phone number to the owner when they claim the lost item, and so they can thank you directly. After you sign up, you can then report the item, fill in the details, and post a picture of the document that you can take with your phone. You need to enter all the details that describes the item, including where you found it and the details or number on the document. After you post it, it will then become searchable on our website, where the owner will be looking.

I lost an important document, how do I use this app/site to find it?

To find an item on LostFounds, simply go to and select what type of document it was that you lost. (ID, Passsport, Certificate, Title Deed or Driving Licence). If your item had been found and reported, we will give you instructions to get in touch with the finder, and provide a small payment to cover the cost of the processing.

Can I ask for more money?

Now, it's not nice (or legal). The owner of the item is already stressed from having lost it, and you are already doing a great thing by returning it and accepting a small thank you for your service. We need more people like you.

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